Serving both residents and the wider community, the new retail, office, hotel, and dining spaces will become the heart of a vibrant downtown Coquitlam.

Public Space

Key to the site design is the vast amount of public space the master plan provides, including generous space along the commercial frontages, Pinetree Plaza, the Central Square, the High Street, the Urban Park, and landscape improvements to the adjacent city-owned land and planned off-site.

the natural heart of the neighbourhood40%

of the site at grade is dedicated to public and publicly accessible outdoor space

Pinetree Plaza

Pinetree Plaza, at the southeast corner of Lougheed and Lougheed, is a Civic Gateway identified in the CCAP, this key corner should be enhanced to create a visible and welcoming node. This plaza will help create an elevated level of design fitting for the key intersection framing the southern boundary of the City Centre.

Central Plaza

Coquitlam Central’s Central Plaza is the heart of commercial activity in the neighbourhood. This public open space is reminiscent of a European plaza; a space devoted to the pedestrian and to city life. It is surrounded by active uses, encouraging congregation and activity day and night.

As in Europe, the roadway has a secondary status, yielding to the pedestrian, the patio, and the life of the neighbourhood. In order to achieve this city life, three sides of the Square are pedestrianized; only one side has a vehicular presence. Where the vehicular roadway passes the Square, it is tabled to encourage pedestrian movement and create a more accessible public space. Primary retail tenants will open onto the Square and will be served by central elevators providing access to underground parking. On the east side, the hotel and office open onto the square, providing pedestrian access to transit and to vertical circulation. The conference centre overlooks the Square from its loggia.

Visual connection to the north, Lougheed Highway, and the commercial downtown core is provided at the north-west corner of the Square, leading to the Pinetree Plaza.

High Street

The High Street carries the theme of interactive street edge established on South Drive to the north neighbourhood. The wide frontage extends from Christmas Way to North Drive. This piece of Coquitlam Central is an important active connector that seamlessly ties the Urban Park to the North Plaza through a fully programed street. Three active pockets on the street edge including a lending library, games table zone, and seating provide opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy street life.

A broad sidewalk on the east side allows for restaurant patios and other public amenities. The street’s natural topography separates uses and creates usable terraces for the commercial units. Weather protection is provided along the street and responds to the anticipated commercial demising.

The High Street is designed to reduce the scale and street wall largely to a two-storey height, creating an intimate space. The retail framework along the High Street is highly varied, providing recesses and cantilevers that offer variety in the first and second storey animation. As with other areas of the podia, there is an anticipated variety of materials and evolution of storefronts within the framework. This flexibility and adaptability is essential to a rich and evolving retail environment.


In its first phase, TriCity Central will deliver over 570,333 square feet of employment-generating floor area.

A rich mix of urban experiences
employment-generating area square footage570K+
01830 Retail jobs
02925 Office jobs
0360 Hotel jobs
A regional destinationN2

27-storey hotel / office bldg


approx. 180,000 ft2 office space

153 hotel rooms

20,620 sq. ft. conference centre

commercial retail program square footage295k+
Food & beverage

Hotel, Office &
Conference Centre

The 27-storey hotel/office building is located on Lougheed Highway, one of the most visible locations in the neighbourhood. It is accessible from the Coquitlam Centre transit node and immediately accessible from Lougheed Highway for motorists.

The hotel is prominently visible and accessible when entering the site, and extends up into the tower above a retail base. Located on the third floor, the conference centre includes a 7,200 ft2 demisable ballroom, that when fully open has space to host up to 550 guests. Off of the ballroom are smaller meeting rooms and a generous concourse that overlooks the plaza below.

The hotel itself contains 153 rooms over seven levels with a pool and fitness amenities located on the fourth floor. A porte cochere is provided for convenient drop off for hotel and conference centre guests. A shuttle elevator serving the public realm, hotel, and conference centre provides access to underground parking and acts as a wayfinding element in the Square. The office space is located on floors 12-27.