Located adjacent to Coquitlam’s primary transit node offering three means of transportation, TriCity Central enables and encourages walking, cycling, transit, and other forms of active transport.


TriCity Central station is an intermodal rapid transit station served by both the Millennium Line—part of the SkyTrain system—and the region's West Coast Express commuter rail system.

A multi-modal overpass connection to rapid transit1.5 million annual passengers
01Evergreen Line
02West Coast Express
03Bus Exchange

The Overpass

A multi-modal overpass plays a pivotal role in regional connectivity through active transportation, connecting the larger community on the east to the Evergreen Line station, West Coast Express, and TransLink bus routes. The design of the path and overpass seamlessly integrates with key public realm spaces, bringing activity, vibrancy and animation. In addition to the overpass, safe, accessible, and comfortable facilities such as the multi-use path which will connect to a cycling network allowing greater movement through the region.

The Passage

The Passage is designed as a significant enhancement to the public realm. It provides a physical and visual connection from Lougheed Highway northbound to the High Street, creating greater porosity along the heavily trafficked highway. Combined with the overpass connecting the TriCity Central transit hub, the Passage enables significant volumes of pedestrian traffic to move further along Lougheed Highway northbound. This activates the façade, contributes to safety and security, and proposes a future with a more pedestrian-oriented street to the west.


In order to attract high-quality retail, this project has carefully considered the operational requirements of future tenants in the design process. The most critical requirement is convenient parking. Providing this for customers while (a) meeting the loading and parking needs of commercial tenants and residents and (b) maintaining a quality public realm required an innovative, below-grade solution. Podium retail at the first, second, and third levels are continuous and serve to activate streets and public open spaces without being interrupted by parking structures.

Reserving use of the higher parking levels for shoppers and visitors meant pushing all commercial loading down to P4. While this adds significant cost and complexity to the project, it provides assurance to retailers that their customers will have convenient parking. It also preserves space for plazas, shops, services, and amenities at grade.

North of a new collector road, commercial loading is also placed entirely below grade resulting in continuous retail and activated storefronts. Commercial parking is located on the first three levels below grade, offering convenience and intuitive wayfinding for visitors to the neighbourhood.

Short term parking and retail/residential drop off is provided on the strata roads, slowing traffic speeds, creating activity at grade, maintaining a buffer for pedestrian activity, and satisfying the increasing need for curb space for ride hail, rideshare, couriers, and autonomous vehicles.

Public Roads

A new collector road will facilitate increased integration and connectivity for all modes of east-west transportation, connecting the Christmas Way precinct and the multi-modal transportation options offered on the site. It is anticipated that enhanced efficiency in the road network will be accomplished by introducing a new east-west community collector, which will also benefit pedestrians and cyclists on the active transportation network.

Private Roads

North Drive is a by-product of strategic planning and our commitment to providing an exceptional public realm. It provides vehicular access to parking and loading, but more importantly this “street” provides permeable access for pedestrians and cyclists to travel unimpeded by gates or barriers. Though private, the intent of this road is to act like public streets within the public realm of this project.