Welcome to the TriCity Central online public engagement.

To date, the TriCity Central Project Team solicited a wide range of feedback from consultants, community leaders, and government agencies from across the region since the initial design process that began in 2017. The project is an embodiment of all the core objectives of the City Centre area plan, adopted in November 2020. We are now seeking your continued input to help us understand different perspectives, opinions, and concerns. The input collected in each phase of the project will be compiled and reviewed by the TriCity Central Project Team and will inform our revised designs.

What is the project?

TriCity Central is a vibrant mixed-use community, with a strong mix of employment-generating uses including retail, office, and hospitality, complemented with residential uses including market condos and rental housing that will be built out over six phases.


Evergreen SkyTrain Extension Opens
Winter 2017
Coquitlam begins updating the City Centre Area Plan
Preliminary Master Plan Submission for the future community on the Coquitlam Chrysler site
Feedback provided by City of Coquitlam in response to Preliminary Master Plan
Rezoning and Phase 1 Development Permit Application
Coquitlam City Council approved the updated City Centre Area Plan
City of Coquitlam and stakeholder feedback in response to the Rezoning/DP application
July 2021
Two weeks of Public Engagement
May 2022
Two Weeks of Public Engagement (Second Round)
May 1st-14th
Staff Review and Council Approval Process