TriCity Central will create a compact, complete family-friendly community in downtown Coquitlam.


A diverse range of housing types, sizes and tenures, from home ownership to affordable rental housing, will create an inclusive community for a wide range of demographics from singles and couples, to families and the elderly.

A compact, complete community8,500 residents
A rich mix of urban experiences

Rental Mix

Here’s a breakdown of the 1,057 new rental homes are planned for TriCity Central.

Below Market158
Priority Units88

The rental market continues to evolve and is often guided by municipal policy. The City of Coquitlam’s Housing Affordability Strategy (HAS) incentivizes new rental homes within the density bonus provisions in the zoning bylaw. The policy includes a requirement for priority units and below-market units to achieve the full 1.5 floor area ratio (FAR) bonus.

Residential Amenities

The residential podiums provide large outdoor amenity spaces, with direct views towards the Urban Park, retail High Street, and Central Square.

Indoor Amenity: 138,464 sf.
Outdoor Amenity: 108.680 sf.

Urban Park

The urban park is located at the south end of the TriCity Central neighbourhood just east of the Pheasant Street riparian and extends north to a new collector road. The design concept for the park responds to an overall neighbourhood design gradient where open space in the south reflects nature/natural elements and open space in the north reflects urban/city elements. We see the urban park as the natural heart of the neighbourhood. The southern park and open space design is in progress and will be integrated into the updated design following further input from the City.

Public Art

Public art plays an important role in the well-being of individuals, communities, and society by activating and transforming public space. Art in the public realm punctuates everyday moments, engaging diverse audiences, and fostering creativity, identity, dialogue, and connectivity.

We are committed to hosting a dynamic collection of public artworks throughout the site, in keeping with the vision for a strong sense of community.

Unique in location and architectural scale. TriCity Central offers a myriad of opportunities for engaging public art throughout the site that will foster community identity, connectivity, and civic pride, which will be underpinned by thoughtful curatorial cohesion and a celebration of place.

A diverse range of emergent, mid-career, and senior artists will be considered for the public art opportunities, and may include artist teams or collectives as well as aspects of community engagement. Artworks will vary in approach, scale, material, form, and function, with the potential to incorporate light and other innovative media, as well as an integrated approach with the landscape and public realm design. The public art at TriCity Central will play a meaningful role in shaping the local area, contributing to the City’s broader cultural landscape in a significant way.